Compliance and Risk Management Solutions for independent Motor Dealerships.
Established in 2004

Dealer Principals

It goes without saying that you are the head of your organisation.  Consequently, our organisation's risk management framework will always be your responsibility. You cannot avoid your accountability by delegating functions to your colleagues. 

As an internal arrangement, you will of course delegate duties to your colleagues. For example, it is you who must ensure that risks such as fire or theft or non-compliance with South African laws or the prevention of client/employee personal information security leaks (to name but a few) are incorporated in your risk management framework.

Risk Management is simply good management; the companies that buy into this concept and take it seriously will win. With new business challenges and a more demanding business environment, there is a need to take advantage of every opportunity to strengthen operations and to improve the ability to adapt. Being able to react to change can help to decrease variability in operations and in costs. If a company is prepared for unanticipated circumstances they give themselves a head start on overcoming new challenges and on seizing opportunities.